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Ursa's Training and Consultation is comprehensive and customized for
individual needs


Ursa Major creates customized educational training programs based on the operational needs of specific organizations. The primary goal of Ursa Major is to prepare personnel to evaluate risk when conducting activities in bear habitats, and to recommend guidelines for responding to risk assessment in an appropriate manner.


After training, participants will have a basic understanding of bear behavior and seasonal movements, and will be better equipped to assess and judge how to handle bear encounters and/or places where potential encounters may occur. Training will also include discussions of group management techniques, to better prepare personnel for addressing the safety of their guests in bear habitats.


The customization of each training program is based on knowledge acquired from eight years' experience in evaluating the potential for a positive or negative encounter with bears, in combination with first-hand experience working with tour companies of varying sizes. Ursa has unique insight in logistics and training needs, derived from a diverse background in marine- and land-based approaches to bear viewing.  Ursa Major bridges bear awareness and how individual organizations experience bears in the field.

Bear Necessities

This baseline service consists of an initial evaluation and design of a customized training program that includes various on-site presentations, depending on organizational needs.

Continued Education

Subsequent on-site trainings are offered to supplement the Bear Necessities throughout the operational season.

In the Bear News

This service provides information of past and recent publications on bear-related topics of interest to your organization.


Ursa Major will conduct site-specific evaluations and provide recommendations on specific locations' usability for conducting operations relating to bear seasonal movements and environmental surroundings.

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