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May 16th, Sunday

30 minute sessions


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in the bus parking lot 

at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center 

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Bear Spray Practice

May 16th, Sunday

30 Minute Sessions

Register for a time

In the bus parking lot

at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center

Ursa Major

Training - Consulting - Guiding
Training. Consulting.

Ursa Major creates and customizes bear safety programs for companies and individuals.


Training programs emphasize understanding bear behavior as the basis for assessing the likelihood of a bear encounter, and for deciding how to respond if an encounter occurs.  


Customizable for you or your company depending on how you recreate in bear habitats. 

"Our staff mentioned how valuable your training was specifically.  We're excited to have the Ursa training program again in the future..."
"The bears are plentiful up here in the wilderness….so so many this year.  It was SO important for me to have that training with Teresa. I need to thank Teresa for speaking to us.  I’m not sure what I would’ve done without her guidance." 
"Thanks Teresa for taking and making the time for the training.  Your impact was felt immediately..."

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